Atelier Cannelle

Bespoke furniture building on demand

around La Rochelle

Plain wood furniture creation

Kitchen & Bathroom






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Nathalie Henriot

Furniture maker








Atelier Cannelle

 Atelier Cannelle was born in octobre 2013 - After a 10 year apprenticeship with a traditional carpentry company.


After a period of 3 years in the Gué d'Alleré, the workplace has been moved to a bigger place.


The Atelier Cannelle is now located  :


Zone des Beaux Vallons,

2 impasse du fief de l'étang

17540 Saint Sauveur d'Aunis



In there we benefit of 120m². The storage of plain wood, is much easier.



Let's come to visit anytime - call before to make sure I'm in -


I'll be pleased to welcome you, in my new workplace.




The new workplace