Nathalie HENRIOT Carpenter Designer Ergonomist


I became a carpenter at the age of 30.

I knew I wanted to work with my hands, be creative and see the result of the work I’d made.

From a young age, I loved nature and the outdoors and it seemed only natural to be drawn to wood.

In my family no one was a carpenter but my mother was an upholsterer, she gave me my creative streak.

After graduating in marketing, I went on to become a Time Management consultant.

After a few years I became fed up with my day to day life and decided I wanted to reconnect with my love of working with my hands and being creative. I went back to school for 2 years to obtain my degree in « Ebeniste et Métiers d’Art », followed up by 6 years apprentiship with Hiou. At this point I was confident to go it alone and started my workshop « Et Voilà » Atelier Cannelle was born.

After 3 years in Gué d’Alleré, I decided to take « a leap of faith » and opened the workshop that I now have in St Sauveur.

Atelier Cannelle and you :

Through my own personal experiences practicing yoga for the last 16 years and through going to self improvement classes, I understand what it’s like to have big life changes i.e separation, death, empty nest syndrome

Retirement or need a change, I can bring a new energy to your home. Together with the experience I have, I can create your vision. I know the english expression « Home is where the heart is » and I hope this is what I can create for you.


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