Why "made of wood"

Furniture made of wood  : it's a choice



  • The choice of a furniture without formaldéhyde : It means without a kind of formole.


  •  Safe and healthy furniture for a room or a bedroom.


  • Furniture VOC free (Volatile Organic Composant).


  • The protective varnish that we use respects the European "Games for children" norms.


  • It's supporting the carpentry  industry that respects nature and reasonable integrated forest management.


  • It's building up a furniture  that you can't find in shops.


  • Furniture that's easy to move. No screws, no problem.


  • It's a way to perpetuate traditional French carpentry.


  • It's a long lasting furniture that will last generations.


  • It may be a present for a child's bithday, that them may use long after childhood.


  • For yourself at last the furniture you've always dreamt of. (17) bibus en noyer