Atelier Cannelle

Bespoke furniture building on demand

around La Rochelle

Plain wood furniture creation

Kitchen & Bathroom






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Nathalie Henriot

Furniture maker








How to build your project of fourniture ?

Let's think about what you wish

First ask yourself what you need to store

or what features you need



Try to make a list of those features



Here is a list of questions :


Shapes and general aspect

  • What do I like in my room that could be copied in the furniture ?
  • Do I want to change a furniture and add it features ?
  • I want to change a room a corridor and organize another way.
  • I want to sort out a room, a wall and use it another way.





  • open or close, with or without doors ?





  • Plain wood or not ? hidden or visible ?
  • What do I need / wish to store on those shelves ? drawer ?
  • Do I want to empty one or several furnitures in the living room, a bedroom  ?.
  • What is the size of my books ? how many meters of shelves ?




  • traditional
  • roller drawer slide
  • What do I need to store in this drawer ?
    • As built bespoke, you'll be able to fit what you need in your drawer
  • How many drawers do I need ?




  • Invisible hinge ( for exemple)




  • I have a old furniture belonging to my family for long but I don't use it and I would like to change parts or features of it?

We could use a part of this furniture and build a new one around it or settle new features : doors, drawer, shelves



If you can't answer on your own all these questions I can help you.