Atelier Cannelle

Bespoke furniture building on demand

around La Rochelle

Plain wood furniture creation

Kitchen & Bathroom






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Nathalie Henriot

Furniture maker








"Made St Sauveur d'Aunis - France"

  • In your Home or in my workshop we can have a look together at your idea.
  •  Then I draw you the technical drawings to show you a general idea of the shapes and features.


  • The furniture can be delivered with a varnish or just sanded wood.


  • The buiding will be done in a traditional way at the workshop in the Gué d'Alleré in Charente Maritime (France).


  • If you wish so I can send you pictures of your creation while building.


  • We can deliver your furniture home and settle it if needed - in France or abroad - or send it over.

Your ideas, my tools and hands